Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Film

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Easily applied to glass and other surfaces, Smart Film is a Z-Wave controllable film that lets you change glass from transparent to opaque for energy and privacy needs by pushing a button!

Aeotec / Aeon labs z-wave Smart Film

Smart Film is a window cover technology and works just ike a curtain when you need it and becomes transparent when you don't.  It applies directly to glass and allows it to be transparent or opaque by a touch of a button! 


Curtains provide privacy but block light. Smart Film provides privacy when you want and need it, without darkening the room that you’re in.
energy saving
Energy saving.
Reduce your heating and cooling bills by perfectly controlling the ambient light that enters every room.
diy smart film
DIY install.
Smart Film is as easy to apply as any other laminate: simply cut it to your window’s size before applying it.
z-wave smart film
Z-Wave compatible.
Each section of Smart Film can be powered by the same technology and intelligence that binds all of Aeotec’s home automation products: Z-Wave.
wifi smart film
WiFi compatible.
Each section of Smart Film can also be powered by WiFi, making it access from your computer network or smart phone.

More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
Neutral wire requirementNo
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