Aeotec Z-Wave Plus 6in1 MultiSensor 6

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Z-wave Plus device so it's full of smart features which is perfect for your smart home.  The Aeotec multisensor 6-in-1 sensor can measure motion, humidity, lighting, temperature, vibration and UV all from a very small form factor.  Powered by long life battery and with low battery drain you can trust this multisensor to go on months without changing batteries.

Aeotec Z-Wave Plus 6-in-1 MultiSensor 6

Aeotec MultiSensor 6 is the latest in zwave smart technology with its beautifully designed body which monitors movements, tracks ambient lighting, measures indoor temperature and humidity, senses seismic/vibrationand also measures your home's UV exposure level.

The MultiSensor 6 is also one of the lightest sensors in the market at just 75 grams and can be installed even with a double-sided tape or with the provided adjustable mount. It's also 70% smaller than the previous version so it seamlessly fits into your home decor.  With intelligent low power usage the battery can now last up to 2 years without replacing when used with good quality lithium batteries.

Use in automation scenes you can trigger events like turning on a light when it's dark, send notification when movements are detected, activate cooling or heating when temperature reaches a certain level.  With so many sensor all your home automation needs are catered for.

Use the optional specially designed recessor to recessed mount your sensor in the ceiling or wall cavity for discreet installation.

Indoor use only so if you want outdoor motion sensor please use this waterproof aeon labs multisensor

The sensor can be powered using the optional USB power adapter or 2×CR123A batteries (not included). 

Six builtin Sensors:

♦ Motion sensor

♦ Temperature sensor

♦ Humidity sensor

♦ Light sensor

♦ Vibration sensor

♦ UV sensor

Important note: All our sensors come with the newer firmware that works with Vera and Fibaro home center.  Older firmware of the same sensor purchased elsewhere will not work and is difficult to upgrade without the right tools. 
outdoor sensor

Outdoor sensor.
Use outdoor intelligence. IP20 rated, you can use MultiSensor 6 outdoors by disabling its motion sensor and usings its 5 other sensors.

accurate sensor

Accurate sensor.
Designed and calibrated to be as accurate as possible, MultiSensor 6’s six sensors are fine tuned to have accuracy variations that are as little as only ±0.2%.


Updated sensor.
An intelligent sensor that will keep getting more intelligent, you can update MultiSensor 6’s settings and firmware using wirelessly.


battery detection

Battery detection.
When run on batteries, MultiSensor 6 will send low battery warnings to your Z-Wave gateway before it’s time to change them.


MultiSensor 6 is sensitive to change. But it might be too sensitive for your needs. You can decrease or increase the sensor’s sensitivity from your Z-Wave gateway.


Every MultiSensor 6 is calibrated by our engineers for precision. And you can calibrate it too, adjusting the values of its sensors to be precise for your home, indoors and out.


power modes

Power modes.
It’s 2 year battery life is fantastic. But power it by cable and MultiSensor 6 can make even more accurate and more frequent sensor measurements.


Tamper detection..
Its security features are themselves secured. MultiSensor 6’s AES 128 bit wireless encryption is complemented by anti-tamper and drop sensors.


Perfect wireless.
An intelligence and security sensor needs to offer reliable wireless. MultiSensor 6 does. Its fine tuned antenna means that it can communicate with other Z-Wave devices up to 150 metres / 492 feet away.

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Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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