Aeotec Z-Wave Dimmable LED RGBW Light Bulb

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Gen 5 product. The easiest way to add automation to your lights! Simply plug this LED bulb in to turn any existing fitting in your home and turn it into a smart light! 8 user selectable colours and up to 16 Million colours using a home controller it is perfect for table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights where it's not easy or convenient to reach the wall switch.

Aeotec Z-Wave Dimmable LED RGBW Light Bulb Gen5

The Aeon labs Aeotec LED Bulb’s perfect shades of light are joined by its perfect dimming technology. As a smart bulb, you’ll be able to wirelessly dim it all the way to 0% or brighten it all the way to 100%. Using a Z-Wave gateway you will be able to control both LED Bulb’s shade and colour of light to perfectly suit the time of day and the ambiance of your room.

Create the prefect scenes for your home and have LED Bulb respond. Whether it’s the perfect movie mode or the right light for early mornings and night.

It can be controlled, automated and scheduled from anywhere in the world or trigger it to turn on from triggers such as time, motion sensors or light level.

♦ Z-Wave controlled multicolor 9W LED bulb
♦ Replaces a standard-shaped light bulb (screw or bayonet)
♦ Choose from 16 million shades of color
♦ Can be included in groups, scenes, or schedules
♦ Z-Wave Plus certified for wide compatibility

Note:  This is a Gen5 device so features available are dependent on type of home controller.  The Aeon Labs light bulb works on Vera (With RGBW plugin) with full dimming and colour wheel selection.


Aeon Bulb-- Time

Hours of Lifetime

Aeon LED Bulb has been designed to last long-- really long. With a lifetime of 50,000 hours, at 8 hours a day, it could last for as long as 45 years.

Aeon Bulb-- Power

Super Bright

The smart LED bulb is as bright as a 70 watts bulb, and has been meticulously designed to perfectly illuminate your home.

Aeon Bulb-- Beam

Wide Illumination

Aeon LED Bulb ia not a spot-light. With a wide beam angle of 180°, it ensures that you have wide and uniform lighting across your room.

Aeon Bulb-- Outdoors

Outdoor Connectivity

Use it indoors or plug it outdoors. Aeon LED Bulb comes with an extended 150m Z-Wave connectivity for superior wireless control.

Aeon Bulb-- Repeater

Z-Wave Repeater

Apart from lighting up your home, the smart LED bulb also acts a Z-Wave repeater, strengthening the connectivity of your Z-Wave network.

Aeon Bulb-- Money

Energy Savings

Aeon LED Bulb makes up for its cost with yearly energy savings. It allows you to save nearly $40 every year, just by changing your light.

Aeon Bulb-- Notifications

Real-time Alerts

From emergencies to intrusion, configure your LED bulb to light up instantly and notify you about events in real-time.

Aeon Buld-- Direct Control

Direct Control

Aeon LED Bulb connects to your Z-Wave gateway device and can be operated directly and wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or Internet connected device.

Aeon Bulb-- Schedule

Schedule Control

Automate the lighting in your home with advanced schedule control that turns the bulb on/off based on the time of the day or the weather outside.

Aeon Bulb-- Light Dimming

Light Dimming

Aeon LED bulb provides superior dimming control, ensuring that you have the perfect lighting from dawn to dusk.

Aeon Bulb-- Responsive Control

Reactive Control

When connected with a motion sensor, Aeon LED Bulb can be configured to light up when you enter a room & turn off when you leave.

Aeon Bulb-- Scenes


Create perfect scenes for your home and let the lighting reflect your mood. From movies to early mornings, create themes for every indoor activity.

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Repeats z-wave signalsYes
Electrican RequiredNo
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