Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Plus Siren (mains powered with battery backup)

Neo Coolcam
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This compact z-wave siren is mains powered so it's always ready to protect your home but also includes battery backup in the event of power failure. Small design so it's not intrusive but with loud siren to scare away intruders.


Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Plus Siren (mains powered with battery backup)

Z-wave siren with mains power (USB) so it's always on and ready. Combine it with the other z-wave security devices like Neo Coolcam motion sensor, window sensors to setup the ideal and perfect z-wave wireless alarm system that is reliable and feature rich. No need to regularly change batteries but has the intellgience to automatically switch to battery mode when power is lost so you can be confidence it won't fail you when it's most needed.

♦ Package includes power adapter and cable so it's ready to go

♦ 3 VOLUME LEVELS: Adjust sound from high, middle and low.

♦ 10 DIFFERENT ALARM CHIMES: Pick a different alarm sound to alert you to different events, such as alarm, doors opening

♦ INTELLIGENT INTRUSION ALERT: When the siren alarm triggered, it will make alarm sound (the default duration time is 1 min, also can be set up to 5 minutes) and the red LED flashing strobe alarm will be triggered for 12 seconds synchronous.

♦ INTEGRATES WITH SECURITY SYSTEM: The siren alarm can associate with the sensors through the z-wave network to alert intrusion.


  • Power supply: CR123A x 2 and mains powered (USB)
  • Battery life: 1 year
  • Product size(D*W*H):70x68x31mm

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Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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