Vision Z-Wave Smoke Sensor / Detector

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The z-wave smoke detector provide detection of smoke which is typically an indicator of fire. When the sensor detects smoke a loud siren is activated and at the same time sends an alarm signal to the home controller which can be used to trigger other automation events.

Vision Z-Wave Smoke Sensor / Detector

Use this z-wave smoke detector to set an automation scenes on your home controller to trigger flash the rooms lights, unlock the doors or get notified on your mobile device when smoke is detected in your house.  The detector is powered by long life battery so it's easy to install and requires no extra wiring. Battery replacement is simple via a hinged cover and when the detector battery is low it will flash its LED and sending an alert to the home controller.

Battery Powered (4x AA Batteries) and we recommend high quality long life chargeable batteries like the Sanyo Eneloops

Please note: This is a battery operated smoke detector so do not rely on this detector as your primary detection device and z-wave smoke sensors does not meet safety regulations.  As such, we are only providing it so you can experiment and test out home automation scenes by using this detector as a secondary test smoke detector until certified z-wave smoke sensors become available.

♦ Photoelectron Smoke Detect
♦ Smoke sensitivity: 0.5%/ft~4.0%/ft
♦ Low battery detection
♦ LED Status Indicator
♦ Operating temp: -10oC~60oC
♦ Working Voltage: 3V
♦ Dimensions: 120*120*48.2mm

Integrates with all certified Z-Wave controllers in Australian frequency (921.42MHz) 

More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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