USB Power Adapter 2 Amps

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USB Power adapter for 5V devices like the Aeon Labs multisensor and Remotec Z-Wave to Split System Aircon IR Controller Extender.  Eliminate batteries completely and never have to worry about batteries running flat again.

This 2 Amp USB power adapter has enough power to run all 5V devices consistently.  Ideal to use it for any devices that require 5V power like

♦ Aeon Labs multisensor

♦ Remotec Z-Wave to Split System Aircon IR ControllerExtender

Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave 6in1 MultiSensor 6 (Gen5)


When powered by USB power the devices are more reliable and doesn't go into 'sleep' mode so updates and configuration happens much quicker.

Note: USB cable not included but are included with the above products

More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo