Vision Z-Wave Pet aware alarm grade Motion and Temperature Sensor (2 in 1 PIR)

Vision Z-Wave Pet aware alarm grade Motion and Temperature Sensor (2 in 1 PIR)


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Finally an alarm grade z-wave sensor! If you want a PIR without all the unnecessary features that can make it less reliable with increased battery drain, this PIR is for you! High quality alarm grade z-wave PIR with pet aware feature.

Vision Z-Wave Pet aware alarm grade Motion and Temperature Sensor (2 in 1 PIR)

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Vision Z-Wave Pet aware PIR alarm grade Motion and Temperature Sensor 

The Motion and Temperature sensor is battery-powered Z-Wave device  with a small form factor.   Powered by high performance Panasonic CR123A Battery (included) which under normal domestic usage won't need changing for at least 1-2 years!  Motion sensor sensitivity can be adjusted by enabling the Pet aware function to minimize on false alerts when pets are kept indoors.  The Motion and Temperature sensor will detect and report to a z-wave controller when someone enter/moves in the room or when the temperature changes. 

This unit contains two sensors that report values to the Z-Wave Gateway:

♦ Motion Sensor with selectable PET aware function 
♦ Temperature Sensor (not directly visible on Vera dashboard but temperature can be read by mobile apps including Homewave or through a virtual device)

This sensor can be used to trigger security / warning application within Z-Wave network, lightning scenes and power on/off wireless switches.

♦ Small form factor
♦ Long battery life - up to 1-2 years
♦ Alarm grade sensor
♦ Ease of use and installation
♦ Support Z-wave association
♦ Send an alarm message to the home controller when tampered with

♦ Integrates with all certified Z-Wave controllers in Australian frequency (921.42MHz) 

 Technical Specifications

 Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR)
♦ 2~10 meter Motion Range 
♦ 120 Degree Horizontal Angle Coverage
♦ Temperature Function
♦ Low battery detection
♦ Panasonic CR123A Battery
♦ Tamper Switch
♦ Z-Wave 5.02 SDK
♦ 100ft line of sight
♦ LED Status Indicator
♦ Operating temp: -15oC~40oC
♦ Working Voltage: 3V
♦ Dimensions: 84*62*50mm

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