Fibaro Z-Wave Wall Plug

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Fibaro Wall Plug is a z-wave appliance module designed to be plugged into a standard powerpoint . The wall plug may be used to operate any device up to 2,500W power output. The wall plug features power consumption measuring and uses a crystal LED ring to visualize the current load by colour changing illumination

Fibaro Z-Wave Wall Plug / Appliance Module

Future Product! Beautiful and small, the Fibaro wall plug allow you to control devices by simply plugging it into a Australian powerpoint.  FIBARO Wall Plug with power metering feature is an intelligent, ultimate plug & play, extremely compact, most sophisticated, remotely controlled outlet adapter.
This highly functional wall plug can be applied wherever you want to control electrical devices, while monitoring power consumption in a convenient and maintenance-free way.

Extremely Compact and Beautiful

FIBARO Wall Plug is the smallest and most attractive device of this type available in the world. Its modern design perfectly fits in with any interior design. Look at the surface smoothness and its beautiful crystal power ring.


The Wall Plug requires no installation tools or electrician. Just take it out of the box, put it into an electrical outlet, and plug in any electrical device. The user-friendly interface ensures an easy and intuitive way of adding Wall Plugs to the FIBARO System

Excellence in design

Each component was created with masterful precision and tested in extreme conditions. FIBARO Wall Plug is the product designed for you.
Despite hundreds of technical challenges, it was designed and created without compromise. The device is not a simple remote
control plug, it is a real engineering masterpiece. Take it in your hands, and see the love our engineers gave to this device.

Real time energy monitoring 

Check the current energy consumption in your home within the configuration interface of Home Center 2
Find vampire power devices and decide on their activities.

Built-in network range tester

The FIBARO Wall Plug has a unique feature of testing the intelligent Z-Wave network coverage. Ultra easy, extremely fast network read time testing shows actual connectivity status.
Start the process by pressing the button on the plug’s casing for a few seconds. LED's purple light will inform you that the plug is in testing mode. See the current coverage by color displayed.

More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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