DHS Z-Wave in-wall Dimmer

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Cost effective way to add automation to your existing lights by connecting this z-wave enabled switch with dimming function. Designed to be hidden away behind existing wall switch this module allows you to turn on/off as well as dim your lights remotely.

DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer

This Z-Wave In-Wall dimmer switch is designed to be installed behind the existing wall switch, in a wall switch box, wall socket box or in any locations where the control of a lighting circuit is needed.  This is a universal dimmer  so will work with leading edge and trailing edge transformers and also does not require neutral wire (do not connect otherwise it will void warranty) so ideal to be used in retrofit situations.

Used with push button switches only and compatible with incandescent globes, High Voltage Halogens, Low Voltage Halogens with electronic transformers Trailing Edge or Leading Edge type

Requires minimun load of 75W for the light circuit.

♦ Dim and control On/Off control of home lighting and can handle one circuit.
♦ Ease of use and installation by qualified electrican
♦ Optimised antenna range for indoor use, up to 20m
♦ Min 75W - max 300W 240V
♦ Z-Wave RF frequency 921.42MHz (Aus/NZ)
♦ Z-wave and manual operations
♦ Integrates with all certified AUS/NZ Z-Wave controllers
♦ Small form factor that can be easily hidden away

More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsYes
Electrican RequiredYes
Neutral wire requirementNo
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