VeraPlus AU Z-Wave Plus Home Controller (wifi, zigbee, bluetooth)

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VeraPlus AU

VeraPlus controller with Zigbee, wifi and bluebooth support!  Based on the popular VeraEdge it is an easy yet powerful controller for cameras, door locks, sensors, thermostats, security devices and is a very popular choice for home automation.  With the VeraPlus Controller, you can easily add z-wave and other supported devices in your smart home with advanced capabilities including custom scene creation.

VeraPlus AU Z-wave Plus Home Controller (wifi, zigbee)

Latest Vera controller with z-wave plus + ZigBee +wifi + Bluetooth functionality! The Vera controller is now even more powerful and has all the features of the Vera Edge and more! VeraPlus gives you easy control over lights, cameras, thermostats, door locks alarm systems and more. Compatible with 1200+ devices from most major brands with Z-Wave Plus and Wi-Fi wireless connections.

Advanced home security and control that's easy to use, works with z-wave and other wireless technology (ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE) for compatibility with most devices.  Lock your door, control your lights, change thermostat automatically with easy one-touch settings using phone or tablet.

Home Automation & Remote Home Management

VeraPlus is equipped with the powerful Vera UI7 app, the easiest and most powerful home control and automation software anywhere. You’ll be guided through every step of the setup and installation process, not just at the beginning but also as your system expands to include more devices.  

With large community support and huge 3rd party plugins you can expand the capabilities of Vera easily from the MIOS App Store

What can you do with the VeraPlus Controller?

♦ Convenience – With one touch at night time you can lock doors, shut off lights, change the thermostat and set the alarm system. Or arrive home and have the lights on and thermostat adjusted automatically.
♦ Monitor – Check that kids arrive home safely, watch your small business when you’re away, make sure an elderly relative is safe, or keep an eye on the garage.
♦ Save Energy – Automatically change thermostat and light settings to use energy only when people are home, monitor energy use, save money!
♦ Security – VeraEdge can provide all the features of a traditional security alarm system, plus you can add even more peace of mind from safety devices such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Add cameras, door locks, door/window sensors, and alarms for pro-level security.
♦ Reduced Energy Bills – VeraEdge lets you see and control household energy consumption for savings every month.
♦ Text/Email Alerts – Receive an email or text when the kids get home safely. Or when your basement gets wet.


♦ Compatible with a wider variety of devices, including over 1200 Z-Wave devices
♦ Controls over 220 devices
♦ WPS easy push button pairing for Wi-Fi devices
♦ Multi camera viewer dashboard and camera hot zone motion detection
♦ One-touch control of the entire home automation system
♦ View cameras and control devices from one app
♦ Control home automation system from any smartphone or tablet
♦ Intuitive setup with simple Q&A format
♦ Add devices by working with preconfigured settings
♦ No monthly fees required

Vera - How it works

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