Athom Homey Hub Z-wave SmartHome Controller

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Homey connects all your devices at home, even different brands and technologies so you can control your home from one app. Automate your home with easy to use rules, play your favorite Music and save energy with Insights. Homey is the central hub for your smart home


Athom Homey Hub Z-wave SmartHome Controller

Homey is a powerful and simple to use z-wave Smart Home controller. From a single app, you can control your lighting, TV, wireless switches, blinds, thermostat and stereo. Works with the large range of z-wave products as well as 3rd party devices including wifi, RF, bluetooth, Zigbee and IR !

Automate your home with Flow

With Homey Flow you can do much more with the devices you already own. Flows are rules to automate your home, created by you. Turn on the lights when you come home. Start your favorite music when you wake up. Buzz your phone when the mail is delivered. When you leave, flash the lights if it's about to rain.

Save energy with Insights

It's often hard to get insight in what your devices are doing all day long. Homey logs these events, so you can view them afterwards and see what actually happened at home

Voice controls

Compatible with Apple HomeKit*, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Powerful and Easy Rules Automation

Homey automation rules

Compatible with 50 000 devices

Homey supported devices

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