zConnect Z-Wave Wireless Water & Irrigation control valve

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Perfect for irrigation or preventing water damage, the z-wave water valve is designed to turn on/off water supply remotely or from any smart home controller

zConnect Z-Wave Wireless Water & Irrigation control valve (15mm / 0.5")

Designed and assembed in Australia the zConnect Z-WAVE wireless water valve is an electromechanical device with a motor and Z-Wave control module with two-way ball valve that can be remotely or manually controlled to open / close water pipes.   Comes in dimension 15 mm (1/2 - inch) or 20 mm (3/4 - inch)  so please choose the right size for your pipes. 

Prevent floods/water damage and use this z-wave wireless water valve to turn off mains water automatically when certain condittions occur eg water leak is detected using sensors like Aeon Labs water sensor or Fibaro water sensor (not included).  Also designed to be used as part of irrigation system so you can automatically turn on/off the sprinklers or watering system anytime from anywhere.

This zConnect water valve is designed for residential and light commercial usage and integrates with Z-Wave smart home automation systems such as VeraEdge/VeraPlus, Fibaro HC2/Lite or similar.

For irrigation solutions this device can be added to  Z-Wave Fibaro Home Center 2 in the sprinklers panel so you can schedule all sprinklers in your garden to automatically turn on and off.

This valve can be operated manually as well even in the absence of electricity.

  • ♦ Dimension 15 mm (1/2 inch) or 20mm (3/4 inch)

    ♦ Powered by 240V mains so electrican install only (not DIY)

    ♦ zConnect Z-WAVE WIRELESS WATER VALVE has onboard Z-Wave chip

    ♦ Low voltage electric motor

    ♦ IP-65 protection

    ♦ Remote capability through gateways

    ♦ Industrial quality ball valve

    ♦ Z-Wave 500 series chip

    ♦ Pipe size 15mm (1/2'')

    ♦ Manual override

    ♦ Supports the Over the Air (OTA) feature for the product’s firmware upgrade (subject availability on your Z-Wave Gateway).

    ♦ Designed and assembled in Australia.

More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsYes
Electrican RequiredYes
Neutral wire requirementNo
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