ZipaBox DHS Z-Wave RFID Secuity Keypad & Scene Controller

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Z-Wave RFID Wall Scene Controller can arm/disarm a z-wave security system using RFID tags or manually control predefined scenes and modes.  

 ZipaBox Z-wave RFID Security Keypad & Scene Controller

Control your Z-Wave Gateway with the wall-mount Mini Keypad RFiD. The keypad's "Home" and "Away" buttons allow you to quickly arm/disarm your security system and/or run automation scenarios. Four numbered buttons also provide scene controls. In addition to using pushbutton controls, you can wave the included keychain RFiD Key Tag in front of the keypad to arm/disarm the system. 

The ZipaBox RFID Keypad recognizes the key tag and you can easily create scenarios based on the person who used his Key Tag. 

Easily mounted anywhere because of it's compact size and runs on batteries.  We recommend the Eneloop batteries for extra long life and reliability.


♦ arm/disarm a security system or control predefined scenes and modes

♦ can read Mini RFID tags to arm/disarm

♦ has keypad for manual code entry to arm/disarm

♦ have sound and light indication features

More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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