zConnect Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

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Automate your existing garage door opener using this zConnect Z-wave Garage Door Controller. It is a small, smart and wireless. Allows remote open or close your garage door via your smart home controller. Simple to install !

zConnect Z-wave garage door controller opener/closer

Use this controller which is designed and assembled in Australia to activate any dry contacts such as opening and closing your garage door using z-wave from anywhere.  The zConnect garage door controller has two voltage free relay on board (dry contact inputs) , S-Bus port for external devices and sophisticated firmware to support multiple functions.

You can attach optional external devices to get audible and visual warnings to alert those nearby of the door's impending movement, connect different binary and multilevel sensors via S-Bus port, IR beam sensor, limit switch to report its open or closed status to the Z-Wave Gateway etc. 

Designed to be easy to setup and powered by your existing garage door unit or separate power supply (5-24V DC). Simply connect the wires directly to your garage door unit's wall switch trigger terminals (most garage door units will have it - please check the manual)

The zConnect garage door opener supports encrypted communications via the Security Command Class to prevent hacking and supports the Over the Air (OTA) feature for the product’s firmware upgrade (subject to availability on your Z-Wave Gateway).

Easiest and safest way to add z-wave remote control to your garage door.  Add a tilt sensor to sense when panel lift doors are open or closed.

Very simple wiring to your garage door opener using just 2 wires for the trigger and 2 wires for the power.  Used in conjunction with your home controller for the ultimate garage door automation.  These are some of the possibilities:

♦ Open or close your garage door from anywhere

♦ Automatically close your garage door if left open for extended period of time

♦ Include in home controllers like Vera / HC2 scenes to automatically open the door for quick escape in an emergency like smoke or carbon dioxide detection

This device does not come in retail packaging to reduce product cost but it's brand new.

Note: Remotely opening/closing your garage door can be dangerous so please ensure there are no people or obstacles underneath the door before operating. We recommend you use the safety beam feature with your garage door opener or attached to this module to prevent the door from closing when there is something underneath it.

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Repeats z-wave signalsYes
Electrican RequiredNo
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