VERA Lite AU Z-Wave Home Controller

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Vera 3 currently on special so upgrade for only extra $50! VeraLite is created for users that already have a WiFi router and want to add home control at the most affordable price. VeraLite runs the same home control engine with all the capabilities of Vera3, and it is perfect for users with small to medium sized networks. VeraLite's sleek new design and built-in battery pack makes set-up convenient.

VERA Lite AU z-wave Home Controller

Special !  Upgrade to Vera 3 for only $50 more to get more memory, wifi, 4 ports router and 2 USB ports for expandability!

VeraLite gives you easy control over lights, cameras, thermostats, door locks alarm systems and more. Plus you easily can add intelligence to almost anything electronic in your home, and VeraLite can control them too.  All the smart home benefits you’ve been looking for are right here in this easy, inexpensive add-on to your home network.   Simply plug VeraLite into your Wi-Fi setup with the included cable and you start enjoying all these benefits right away.  VeraLite immediately gets you started creating a powerful, efficient, and cost-effective smart home system that’s easy to use, easy to afford and easy to build on whenever you want. What can you do with Vera? 

Home Security

Vera is a home security system that manages and controls your door locks, alarm system, and surveillance cameras.  Using your mobile phone or any web browser, you lock and unlock doors, arm and disarm your existing monitored alarm system, control who has access to your home, view a video archive of everything that happened at home and correlate this with when security sensors are tripped. 

Vera introduces highly innovating home security features like "Keyless Go" for the home. For example, "Keyless Go" can be set up to trigger lights and appliances off, your alarm system on, and change the thermostat temperature whenever you lock your front door from the outside. This set up reverses when you return home and unlock the door.

Vera can also send email and SMS text alerts whenever something happens at home. Examples of these "Triggers" include alarms being tripped, water pipes bursting, or someone entering the home.

Energy Conservation

Vera creates an Energy Profile to track how much energy all the devices in your home use.  Vera also keeps a log of all your energy consumption and creates simple graphs and charts to show your historic energy usage by device, type of device and room. 

Vera can also send alerts if devices are left on when nobody is at home.  Vera's timers and events help reduce energy consumption by ensuring lights go off promptly at sunrise, the heating/cooling system is always lowered when nobody is home or when you go to bed, and so on. 

Home Automation & Remote Home Management

You always have secure remote control over Vera with the web panel and mobile phone applications, which are protected with the same type of Internet security as online banking systems. 

Vera makes it very easy to create sophisticated "scenes", timers and events to automate everything. Vera controls most popular home automation devices, like Z-Wave, INSTEON, and X-10, as well as legacy serial devices like alarm panels, pool controls, weather stations and so on. 

Universal Remote Control & Media integration

Vera also controls all of your audio/video gear by infrared or serial, and turns your mobile phones into handy and comfortable universal remote controls.  Vera also provides basic control over media devices, like set top boxes


♦ No Monthly Fee - Secure, remote access over web and mobile phone is FREE.
♦ Convenient User Interface (UI) – Vera’s easy-to-follow setup process will have you up and running in no time. Vera lite uses our 5th generation user interface, UI5, with more features than ever.
♦ Guaranteed compatibility with ALL Z-Wave devices – Includes deadbolt locks, scene controllers, all kinds of sensors and lighting, thermostats, energy metering and more. Vera lets you can take advantage of everything the Z-Wave world offers, and also the ability to add in IP cameras, some alarm panels, IR devices, Control4 and more.
♦ Expandable Applications – Our growing APP store includes numerous 3rd party apps that extend your experience, such as weather forecasting, media control, alarm panel integration, remote live video streaming, etc., and more and it's growing all the time.
♦ Energy Monitoring – Vera’s advanced energy metering capabilities empower you to take control of your energy bill and start saving money.
♦ Advanced set-up Tab – Vera is extensible to also appeal to enthusiasts and advanced users with features seen only in high-end systems, like infrared/universal remote control, integration with monitored alarm system, ability to bridge multiple ZWave networks, works with INSTEON, X10 and other platforms.
♦ Video Monitoring - Stream live video from plug and play IP cameras even on your smartphone; store video footage on our secure servers that you can access from anywhere.
♦ Bridge Multiple Vera Devices Over IP – Enhance the range by bridging 2 or more Vera devices over IP then operate as one controller.
♦ Open APIs – Vera’s home control engine, created by MiOS, has open architecture allowing you or your developers to create new Apps to offer to all Vera users.
♦ No Broadband Connection Needed for local control – Vera can set-up and configure your network and control all your devices without any internet connection.


Vera Lite vs Vera 3

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