USB Power Adapter for z-wave devices

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USB Power adapter for 5V devices like the Aeotec multisensor and Remotec Z-Wave to Split System Aircon IR Controller Extender.  Eliminate batteries completely and never have to worry about batteries running flat again.

This USB power adapter has enough power to run all 5V devices consistently.  Ideal to use it for any devices that require 5V power like:

♦ Aeotec multisensor

♦ Remotec Z-Wave to Split System Aircon IR ControllerExtender

Aeotec Dock for Z-Wave Plus flood water sensor 6 

When powered by USB power the devices are more reliable and doesn't go into 'sleep' mode so updates and configuration happens much quicker.

Note: USB cable not included but are included with the above products

More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo