Replacement battery for Fibaro, Aeotec, Vision and TKB sensors

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Replacement battery for Fibaro, Aeon labs and TKB sensors.  The battery is a high capacity, long life and low self discharge so you can have confidence your z-wave sensor will work reliability with less battery changes.

Replacement battery for Fibaro, Aeon labs, Vision and TKB sensors

Many z-wave devices from Fibaro, Aeon labs and TBK use the CR123A size battery and it's important to be using quality batteries for reliability and minimize on constant battery changes. With good quality batteries like these you will get better and more consistent performance.   Low discharge batteries are important for z-wave products because of the low battery drain.

Replacement battery for the following devices:

Fibaro motion sensor

Aeon labs multisensor 6 (Gen5)

TBK sensors 

Some Vision sensors 

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