Remotec Z-Wave Plus Smart Thermostat 500

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Upgrade your old 24V analogue or digital display thermostat to a programmable Z-Wave electronic thermostat controller and start saving heating cost while keeping your home comfort in winter. Monitor and control your aircon from anywhere!


Remotec Z-wave Plus Smart Thermostat 500

Featuring an easy to read blue backlit display and easy-to-use screen keep operation and programming simple. The remotec Z-wave thermostat allow you to control your room temperature with programmable time schedule which can maximize energy conservation and comfort while minimizing the effort required to maintain the appropriate temperature in your home whether you are at home or away.

Convenient, Intelligent Features and Broad Compatibility

For added convenience, the thermostat unit can be run using battery power (AA size) or using power from your heating/cooling system (24VAC), giving you the option of permanently eliminating battery changes.

This thermostat is compatible with a broad range of 24-volt heating and cooling systems, including both single-stage (cooling) and single and two-stage heating systems (non-heat pump), single-stage heat pumps, and heating-only or cooling-only systems. Uses standard thermostat connections

♦ Support 2 stage heat, 2 stage cool, 2 stage fan

♦ 24Vac single & two stage conventional heating systems (gas/oil/electric)

♦ Heat pump systems with up to two stages of heating (electric/gas)

♦ Zoned forced air and zoned hot water (2 or 3 wire)

♦ Millivolt systems (12-24Vac or DC source)

♦ Can be controlled by android smartphones and iPhones (via home controller)

♦ One or two stage cooling systems

♦ Hybrid systems

♦ Z-Wave Dual mode (FLiRS, Always Listening)


 Please note:

♦ This device is not compatible with electric baseboard heat (120 to 240 volts).  It is not compatible with some of multifunction 2-wires Japanese brands heaters and HVAC systems.
♦ If you are feeling not confident to connect this thermostat please contact us and we'll get you in touch with a trusted electrician. 

More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsYes
Electrican RequiredNo
Neutral wire requirementNo
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