Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Plus Motion, Temp & Light Sensor

Neo Coolcam
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Compact golf ball size z-wave Plus PIR with builtin light & temp sensor with a magnetic adjustable mount.  This high quality sensor is ideal for situations where you need a sensor with a long battery life because it doesn't contain other unnecessary features.


Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Plus Motion, Temp and Light Sensor 

High quality and small form factor PIR for motion detection with light sensor that can be mounted on ceiling, walls or corner of room using its unique 360 degrees magnetic mount.  This sensor is ideal for situations where you just need a 'simple' PIR that is reliable without the requirement for other unnecessary sensors.  The fewer the sensors the longer the battery last so this PIR can last up to 1 year before you need to change the batteries!

This sensor uses the latest z-wave plus series 500 chipset and contains 3 sensors

♦ Motion Sensor with adjustable sensitivity and timeout

♦ Luminosity (Light Level) Sensor reporting level of light

♦ Temperature sensor

* Motion detection
* Measure the light sensitivity
* Compatible with 300 series and 500 series 
* Easy installation on wall or any surface
* Range: up to 70m outdoorup to 50m indoor 
* Power supply: CR123A x 1
* Standby current: 15uA 
* Battery life: 1 years
* Detection range: 7 meters
* Viewing angle: 110 degree
* Operation temper: 0-40℃
* Storage temperature: -20-60℃

* Size (D x W x H): 45mm x 45mm x 48mm


More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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