Goap Qubino Z-Wave Plus in-wall Flush Dimmer

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Smallest Z-wave Plus in-wall dimmer with energy monitoring by Qubino / Qoap!  Featuring first MOSFET technology for switching lights/fan and supports control of low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformer, dimmable compact fluorescent lights and dimmable LED bulbs. 

Goap Qubino Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Dimmer

Goap by Qubino Dimmer is Z-wave Plus designed to be installed behind existing wall switches to control and dim lights wirelessly. 

The switch is equipped with active power and energy consumption metering functionality reported by a supported Smart Home Controller.

Easily retrofit behind existing light switches to enhance it with automation and with its compact size means that it can be fitted inside wall boxes if there is sufficient depth or it can located anywhere between the switch and load.  

The GOAP Dimmer can be used in the 230V mains lighting system where it uses a 'Trailing Edge' style dimmer to control the lights. It can also be used in a 24V low-voltage system where it it uses PWM style control of the bulbs.

  • Halogen and Incandescent 230V
  • Dimmable LEDs 230V Dimmable
  • CFL and Fluorescent 240V
  • Low Voltage Halogen 24V
  • Low Voltage LED 24V


More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsYes
Electrican RequiredYes
Neutral wire requirementNo
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