CTEC WiFi Smart dimmer switch with voice controls (Mirror range)

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CTEC smart dimmer with LCD display is designed to be a direct replacement for existing wall switches. Real time energy monitoring with smart functions like timers and schedules make these switches an ideal option to automate your home. Full control via mobile or voice controls without the need for a dedicated smart home controller


CTEC WiFi Smart dimmer switch with voice controls (Mirror range)

This CTEC dimmer is designed to be easy to install using existing wiring (with neutral) and requires no additional smart home controller. Compatibile with trailing edge dimmer which is suitable for majority of LED lights in Australian market. Compatible with Google Assistant. Alexa and Home Assistant. Homekit version is also available.

Made from high quality material and feels great to touch which will add a luxury feeling to your home. 

It's simple to get everything up and running all via your smart phone so you can control and monitor lights from anywhere in the world. Compatible with voice control assistants including Google Home, Alexa and Home Assistant so you can control these switches via voice too.

This Australian certified switch is especially designed for Australia wall switch size and can used for new homes or retrofitted to existing ones by simply replacing (qualified electrician required) your current wall switch. Groups can control any ctec wi-fi devices and scenes can set the mood for night, away-from-home and more.

The Wi-Fi switch connects to the 2.4GHz band (802.11b/g) and can still work as a normal touch panel switch for local controls. Easy to use and intuitive app allows you to control your device via app, local controls or voice. See the full range of Wi-Fi switches

Take out your existing wall switch and replace with this. It's that simple!*