Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Door Window Sensor 7

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All new and all intelligent, the Aeotec door Window Sensor is a battery-powered Z-Wave Plus magnetic door/window sensor with close dry contact binary input. It is crafted to be easily installed but small enough to be out of the way. Powerful sensor can alert whether a door/window is open or closed and can be added as part of your security or home management system.


Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Door Window Sensor 7

By detecting if a door/window is open or closed, this sensor can be used to trigger security alerts within a z-wave security network, automating lightning scenes and power on/off wireless switches automatically. Option to wire in a binary input sensor and switches for additional functionality such as push buttons or dry contact sensors.

Commonly used as part of building a z-wave smart alarm system to detect when door or window is opened.

Aeotec door window sensor 7

Can be use it in the garage to automatically turn on the light when the door is open or attach it to a window and be notified if it's opened for an extended period of time. The security usage of this device is endless!  

Small enough to attach to anywhere 

♦ Up to 3 years long battery life (subject to use)

Simple install with double sided tape

♦ Integrates with all certified Z-Wave controllers in Australian frequency (921.42MHz)


More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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