Aeotec Z-Wave Nano WallSwipe

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Touch. Tap. Swipe. Slide. The advanced switch for advanced homes that is stylish and functional. Replace your existing switch with a modern touch switch that seamlessly integrates directly with Aeotec nano z-wave modules.


Aeotec Z-wave Nano WallSwipe

The WallSwipe integrates with an Aeotec nano z-wave module and is designed to replace your existing wall switch with a cool and attractive touch panel. Simply touch the elegant glass panel and it will turn on/off/dim the lights.  Aeotec Z-wave nano smart switch module  or dimmer is required and not included.

WallSwipe brings a whole new level of control to your fingertips and beyond them. Tap, touch, slide or gesture and you can control whatever WallSwipe is connected to. Fits all Australian wall switch dimensions.

♦ Capacitive glass touch panel for use with Aeotec nano modules only
♦ Replaces existing wall switch/dimmer
♦ Flat form factor

Easy installation by any electrican by removing your existing switch, putting adding the Aeotec nano module (not included) to the WallSwipe and keeping any existing wiring that is currently connected to your wall switch.

Touch glass.
It’s the cool touch of glass that greets your every press of the Wireless Touch Panel, and a soft blue light that illuminates from behind it.

Sliding your finger up and down WallSwipe’s touch sensitive glass allows you to change the setting of whatever it’s connected to. Swipe up and lights can brighten or curtains open. Slide down the switch and the reverse will happen
Control your switches without even touching them; simply wave your hand in front of WallSwipe. Utilising a 6cm IR scanner, WallSwipe can operate in light or the dark allowing you to use your switch without even seeing it
Go straight to the setting you need. WallSwipe’s glass surface has 11 different control touch-sensitive zones. Tap on any of them, and WallSwipe will change directly to that setting. Lights dimmed to 50%? Tap half way. Window blinds fully open? Tap at the top.

WallSwipe’s advanced features don’t all have to be used. For simpler control, WallSwipe can be be used as a simple on and off switch. Tap your lights and electronics on, and then tap them off again. Fully open or close curtains with a simple touch.

Your new switch
Simply attach an Aeotec nano dimmer or switch to the back then control everything you want by a simple touch. Electrican required.
More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredYes
Neutral wire requirementNo
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