2N Helios IP Force Door Entry System 1 Button Intercom, Keypad, HD Camera, IP65 Case

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The 2N Helios IP Force range of Intercom Door Entry devices are an effective, vandal proof solution for secure access control and monitoring. Voice and video transmission via SIP, RTP and RTSP protocols ensure maximum compatability and integration.  Works with Fibaro HC2 !

Integrates with Fibaro HC2 for seamless IP intercom functionality through your home automation system!

2N® Helios is a modern door intercom with a perfect design and features that you won’t find on every door. It is a communication system supporting both voice and video transmission. The 2N® Helios IP Force is an exceptionally sturdy IP intercom that will ensure you effortless communication with the people coming to your door, in combination with reliable security for your building entrance.

It supports voice and video communication using the SIP protocol and can deal with the most demanding conditions. Monitoring your home using 2N® Helios IP Force is simplified by an integrated camera, which can take pictures at an angle of up to 120°, and which also has a night mode to more effectively capture people in front of the intercom. The Helios intercom use high quality steel which means it is resistant to all external effects, thereby guaranteeing a long service life and stable appearance, even when installed outdoors.

It combines an anti-vandal solution with an elegant design, which makes it perfect for places that require a high standard of presentation and at the same time resistance to external influences, such as at an entrance, but in many other places, as well. Thanks to a double microphone, a powerful 10W speaker, and an echo-suppression system, it ensures sufficient volume and excellent clarity of communication. It features programmable illuminated buttons, a wide-angle camera, and a card reader.

Door opening and the switching on of external devices are controlled through standard or IP relays. Rely on this elegant, but uncompromising guard. Even in the most extreme conditions, it will guarantee you pleasant communication with the people coming to your door and absolute control over your domain.

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Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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