TKB Philio Z-Wave Door Window, Light and Temperature Sensor (3 in 1)

TKB Philio Z-Wave Door Window, Light and Temperature Sensor (3 in 1)


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The TKB / Philio 3-in-1 Z-Wave Sensor combines a door/window sensor with a light sensor and a temperature sensor in one small package. Now you can monitor the door status and report back on the room temperature and light level!

TKB Philio Z-Wave Door Window, Light and Temperature Sensor (3 in 1)

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TKB Philio Z-Wave Door Window, Light and Temperature Sensor

This small sensor combines a Door/Window, Temperature and Luminosity sensor in a battery-powered Z-Wave device with a small form factor.   The sensor is only 28 x 96 x 23 mm and the magnet size 10 x 50 x 12 mm.  Although the case looks like a PIR this sensor does not have PIR (motion sensor).  If you want PIR function then you will need the 4-in1 model instead.

The unit is small and contains three sensors that report values to the Z-Wave controller:

♦ Door/Window Sensor - Detects the opening or closing of a window, door, gate or roller blind
♦ Temperature Sensor - Measures the room's temperature
♦ Luminosity - Measures a room’s light level (LUX) 

Note: The light sensor currently not supported in Fibaro Home Center 2 or Zipabox.  See our support forum for more information.

With this door/window sensor you no longer need separate sensors in the room to measure and report on temperature and light levels for your automation scenes. Now you can create scenes like when you open the door it will only turn on the room light if it's dark!

The sensor instantly reports temperature and light levels back to the home controller whenever the door/window sensor is triggered which means the values are always up to date.  Under normal residential conditions and if using lithium battery (not included) the battery life will last 2-3 years !


♦ Newest Z-wave 400series chip, support multichannel operation and higher data rate (9.6/40/100kbps)
♦ Higher output power (+2.5dBm output power as compared to -2.5dBm 300 series Z-wave module) to enhance the communication range
♦ Built in illumination sensor while applied to light control
♦ Adopt Z-Wave protocol to secure the success of wireless two way communication
♦ With Tamper proof protection
♦ Easy install
♦ Low battery indication
♦ Z-Wave V6.02
♦ Auto report the open/close status and battery status

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