SockITz Double powerpoint with USB charging ports (white)

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New improved 2nd Edition! Get rid of all those ugly plug packs attached to your current powerpoints and save power at the same time!! This direct replacement power point has 2 high powered USB ports built-in.


SockITz Double powerpoint with USB charging ports

The Classic white  sockITz power socket combines an Australian Standard dual 240v power socket with twin USB powered charging outlets for charging mobile devices under the new universal charging guidelines for mobile phones set in 2012.  Available in other colours.

New improved version with bigger terminals on the rear for easier wiring and overall smaller size to allow it to fit in all brackets.

♦ 2 x regular white 240V AC power sockets
♦ 2 High power USB charge ports (tablet compatible)
♦ Twin 5V USB outputs
♦ Zero standby power
♦ No special wiring considerations. Straight swap with regular GPO

The twin USB powered 5 Volt ports are perfect for charging current mobile phones, including the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5s, ipads, ipods, other mp3 players, GPS navigation devices, cameras etc. No longer do you need those bulky charging transformers that take up too much room on the socket or go missing. With sockITz your device plugs straight into the USB socket on the power point and leaves the two 240V plugs free for your normal home appliances.

All the sockITz range are direct replacements to the standard Australian double power point however a qualified electrical contractor is required because of mains power . Can be installed in minutes!

The sockITz are all environmentally friendly with no phantom leakage that is normally associated with charging transformers. Once the retractable doors close after charging the power to the charging module is cut.

Has your household got multiple iphones or ipods? Kids always taking the chargers? Always searching for the charger? Solve the battle and replace a few of your power points with sockITz for the kitchen bench, bedside the bed, in the bathroom or office.

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