Global Cache iTach / OnControls WiFi to Contact Closure (Relay)

Global Cache
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Compatible with Fibaro Home Centre (HC2 / Lite) and Vera to add close contact (voltage free) control capabilities to the system.

Wirelessly connect and control relay activated devices over a network and the Internet. The iTach WiFi devices provide a new level of automation and control flexibility, enabling device networking without wiring.

Global Cache iTach / OnControls WiFi to Contact Closure (Relay)

The product is based on open systems and standards for easy integration and compatibility with PC based control software, iPhone/iPod/iPad control apps, and high-end control systems.  Use it to control any devices that require a close contact as the trigger. eg. push button switches, relays etc

Take control of your electronic devices with Global Cache's iTach / OnControls, an incredibly small and powerful smart end-point that allows almost any electronic device to be controllable, accessed, monitored, and automated within a wireless network as well as controlled via a mobile interface and third party application, such as a Tablet or Smartphone, as well as any type of personal computer. 

♦ Connects almost any electrical device to a wireless network instantly
♦ Access, monitor, automate, and control standalone equipment
♦ 3 close contact relays
♦ Web-based control protocol using HTTP

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Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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