Global Cache iTach / OnControls IP to Contact Contact Relay (POE)

Global Cache
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Compatible with Fibaro Home Centre (HC2 / Lite) and Vera or use as standalone unit to add close contact relay (voltage free) control capabilities to any system. Mimics a button press so can be used to control gates, garage doors, blinds etc  POE version so easy to connect and control relay activated devices over a network and the Internet. 

Global Cache iTach / OnControls IP to Close Contact Relay

The Global Cache unit allows you to easily control electrical devices, projector screens and other relay operated devices, including garage doors, gates, heating,  power & lighting with your mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android device. The Global Cache IP2CC-P features Power Over Ethernet, when used with a suitable Power Over Ethernet switch or can be powered by the supplied adapter.

Take control of your electronic devices with Global Cache's iTach / OnControls, an incredibly small and powerful smart end-point that allows almost any electronic device to be controllable, accessed, monitored, and automated within a wireless network as well as controlled via a mobile interface and third party application, such as a Tablet or Smartphone, as well as any type of personal computer. 

The unit has 3 close contact relays that is controlled independently through easy to use web IP controls meaning any devices like the Fibaro HC2 or Vera can send commands directly to it. 




Global Cache Close Contact Examples

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Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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