Global Cache iTach Flex IP Version

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Compatible with Fibaro Home Centre (HC2 / Lite) and Vera to add IR and serial capabilities to the system.

The iTach Flex IP provides powerful, inexpensive, and simple connectivity to almost any electrical device so it can be controlled and automated using an app on a smartphone, tablet, or any other user interface via your home's wired/Ethernet network

Global Cache iTach Flex IP Version

The Global Cache iTach Flex IP instantly enables IP control for electronic devices, allowing you to automate almost any device, system, or protocol. Remotely control the connected device using an app on a smartphone, tablet, or any other user interface. By adding intelligence to the enabled device, events and tasks can be automatically triggered, adding convenience to the electronics you use every day.

The iTach Flex system comprises two components: the included compact IP-enabling module (hardwired, with RJ45 port) and a connecting Flex Link cable (sold separately). Flex Link cables come in a variety of configurations (RS-232, IR, contact closure) to support almost any electrical device. The cable simply connects to your IP module via the 3.5mm jack, and connects to your device via the appropriate connector. Once the pieces are connected, the iTach Flex offers remote control with control apps in the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace.

Note: IR emitter, blaster, serial, splitter cables are not included and must be purchased separately

The unit includes a 4MB flash drive that enables use of local memory, allowing you to store web pages and files in a standard FAT file system. These files are accessible from any location, on or outside the network, and allow for web page control of your devices. Entertainment systems are the most common household devices to be controlled, and most of those devices respond to IR codes, the infrared commands sent by your typical remote control. Integrated tightly with the iTach Flex is a no-charge, cloud-based service that instantly provides the required IR codes for the equipment being controlled. The ease-of-use and versatility of the cloud-based system ensures compatibility and expandability of any system. The iTach Flex also offers built-in IR learning.

CONTENTS: iTach Flex Module (IP), Wall Power Adapter, USB Micro Adapter. NOTE: To connect the iTach Flex to your electrical device, you will need to determine your device's required connector (RS-232, IR, contact closure) and purchase the corresponding Flex Link cable.


♦ Connects almost any electrical device to a wired Ethernet network instantly
♦ Access, monitor, automate, and control standalone equipment
♦ Built in IR learning and access commands to cloud-based IR database
♦ Web-based control protocol using HTTP
♦ Four conductor Global Port allows for versatility using Flex Link cables (not incuded)

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Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredNo
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