Aeotec Z-Wave Touch Panel - Single button

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Stylish and functional.  Replace your existing switch with a modern touch switch that seamlessly integrates directly with Aeotec Micro z-wave modules.

Aeotec Z-wave Touch Panel Wall Switch

The Touch Panel for Micro modules integrates with an Aeotec micro controller to replace your existing wall switch with a cool and attractive touch panel. Simply touch the elegant glass panel and it will turn on/off/dim the lights.  Aeotec Micro Z-wave smart switch module  or dimmer is required and not included.

♦ Capacitive glass touch panel for use with Aeon Labs Micros modules only
♦ Replaces existing wall switch/dimmer
♦ Flat form factor

Easy to install – Setting up your Touch Panel is as straightforward and simple as removing your existing switch, putting Touch Panel for Micro in its place, and keeping any existing wiring that is currently connected to your aeon labs Z-Wave device.  Indulge in the newly transformed way of controlling your lights, courtesy of the cool touch of glass.  

The Aeotec touch panel will add a modern touch to home.  This is the black version but also available in White/Ocean mist.

z-wave touch switch

Touch glass.
It’s the cool touch of glass that greets your every press of the Wireless Touch Panel, and a soft blue light that illuminates from behind it.
z-wave switch
Your new switch.
Touch Panel isn’t complex to install.  Attach an aeon labs micro dimmer or switch to the back then control everything you want by a simple touch.
black or white switch
Black and white.
Match Wireless Touch Panel with your home’s deco, complementing its curved aluminium sides with black or white (ocean mist) glass.
More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsNo
Electrican RequiredYes
Neutral wire requirementYes
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