Aeon Labs Z-Wave in-wall Micro Smart Switch (2nd Edition)

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New 2nd Edition! Now with energy monitoring.  The Aeon Labs Micro Smart Switch adds z-wave functionality to allow remote control (on/off) of the lights or appliance. Able to fit behind existing switches, once a Micro Smart Switch is installed within your walls, each will provide you with precise appliance control and automation.

Aeon Labs / Aeotec Z-Wave In-wall Micro Smart Switch

Easily add remote control feature to your lights with this z-wave module and still use your existing wall switches.  The Aeon labs module is compatible with toggle or momemtary switches.  Installation is easy by qualified electrican, simply remove your existing wall switch and use the same wiring (neutral required). The Micro Smart Switch has been designed to enhance your home’s functionality without negatively changing any of its aesthetics.  That’s why each Micro Smart Switch installs behind your existing wall switches. So you’ll never see it, but you’ll always feel its benefits.

Compatible with the Aeon labs touch panel.

next generation z-wave
2nd Edition.
The new Micro Smart switch is one of Aeotec’s 2nd edition products. Each has been rebuilt from the inside out, reducing their size while embedding into them the latest Z-Wave firmware and commands. That empowers them with everything from enhanced stability to Z-Wave’s Explorer Frames.
z-wave motion sensor
Precise control.
Rooms don’t have just one appliance – it’s likely that areas like your home theatre have multiple switches. That’s why the Micro Smart Switch can be part of a scene, allowing you to group switches together so they work in sync and talk to each other effortlessly.
z-wave temperature sensor
Use your existing switches.
Just because you want enhance your switches, doesn’t mean you want to change your physically change them. Each Micro Smart Switch works with your existing light switches, allowing for invisible installation that suits your décor perfectly.  Works with toggle or momentary switches.
lightbulb energy monitoring
Smart energy.
Record and understand just how much money your appliances are costing you, and then use the automation and intelligence features of Z-Wave to save energy and reduce your bills. Each Micro Smart Switch comes with its own inbuilt energy meter.
secure wireless communication
Enhanced security.
Homes that don’t look like someone is home are the homes that thieves target. Micro Smart Switch allows you to create home-away-from-home schedules that imply to the watching, outside world that your home is occupied even when its not. Thieves will try your neighbours.
light scheduling
Some days of your life run to a schedule, and each Micro Smart Switch can be a part of it. From turning on the appliances that are a part of your morning routine as you wake up, to ensuring that they’re turned off after you’ve left for the day, consider each smart switch a butler for your switches, comfort and safety.
wireless lighting
Fantastic wireless range.
They’re small in size but not in their wireless range. Each Micro Smart Switch can talk to other Z-Wave devices within its network up to 50 feet away ensuring strong, reliable, wireless communication.
small z-wave module
Small in size.
There usually isn’t much space behind your light switches, that’s why we’ve reduced the size of our 2nd edition Micro Smart Switch. It’s now only 1.8cm deep, helping to ensure world wide compatibility.
z-wave temperature sensor
Simple installation.
Some home automation installations require a lot of expensive cables to be installed. Not so with Aeotec’s. The Micro Smart Switch utilises your existing wires, and can be easily installed with little more than a screwdriver (qualified electrican only).
z-wave lighting
Z-Wave inside.
To make any switch a wireless switch, you need a reliable wireless technology. Each Micro Smart Switch has Z-Wave built right in, giving them all the benefits of the leading home control technology from secure communications to low-power usage to network-wide compatibility.
z-wave mesh
Mesh communication.
Along with all its other benefits, each Micro Smart Switch is enhanced with Z-Wave mesh technology. Wireless signals get lost. Z-Wave signals don’t. Each smart dimmer acts as part of a mesh network, receiving, amplifying and repeating signals intended for other Z-Wave devices.

More Information
Repeats z-wave signalsYes
Electrican RequiredYes
Neutral wire requirementNo
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