Smart Living is a registered Australian company (ABN 31581248917) located in Sydney that specialises in home automation products and quality smart products that will enhance your lifestyle.  We are Australia and Zealand's largest home automation specalist store and are constantly sourcing new products from around the world that fits into our mission of connecting smart products to people.   Customers all around Australia use our home automation products (z-wave and INSTEON) including New Zealand and Brazil.

Before we list a product on the website our team test out the products to ensure it meets our social responsiblity criteria (see below) as well as our strict quality check on :

♦ Ease of use
♦ Quality & Reliability
♦ Design & Function

Due to our initimate experience and knowledge with working with these products we can offer well trusted advice to ensure the products meet your requirements before you purchase and then provide after sales support long after you have received the item.  Whether you purchase one item or one hundred items, to us you are a customer for life !

 Our social responsibility

Our aim is to embrace responsibility for our actions and encourage a positive impact through activities on the communities, customers and environment.  Everything we do from product procurement and delivery, processing of orders and working with the communities we do our best to ensure we are making a positive difference.  Even the the products we sell must closely aligned to one or more of these areas otherwise we don't sell ! 

Communities / Charities

The heart of our business is connecting smart products with people in Australia and New Zealand however we believe the less fortunate communities should also have the opportunity to have basic essential items like a light / lamp. It's for this reason we sell the Waka Waka solar lamp.  It is not only the most efficient solar light that doesn't require constant battery changes but every lamp you buy is helping to bring a family in Haiti out of darkness!

We believe in giving back to the community so we donate part of our sales to a charity choosen by you!   An ongoing poll is run and at the end of each cycle the charity with the most votes will receive the donation.  It's our small part to help the Australian community with the support from you.


We enage with our customers by electronic means as much as possible thereby cutting down paper waste and reduce our carbon footprint. If you require an original hard copy please let us know and we'll send it (printed on recycle paper) with your order.


Everything we do our aim is to minimize our impact on the environment because of wastage.  We use only recycled printer paper in our office and reuse items as much as possible until its useful life has been reached which we then dispose or recycle it appropriately.  Naturally, power saving is a big factor in our office and we do this by using home automation products to detect our presence and turn off and on appliances automatically!